Capture Planning and Management (2 days)

This training is designed to familiarize organizations with the processes involved in planning to respond to a call for proposals. It walks participants through the various steps and stages of “capturing” the donor’s objectives, designing a corresponding proposal, ensuring that proposal development resources are adequately allocated, and developing proposal writing and review schedules. Participants receive a template for capture planning and program design to use within their organizations.

Proposal Writing (5 days)

This intensive training course is aimed at developing a proposal from idea to submission. It walks participants through needs analysis, stakeholder identification, research, and corresponding program design. Within the proposal, participants are methodically exposed to thought processes and project flows that enable organizations to both address the need, and respond to the donor’s objectives, while adhering to a strict and compact proposal writing methodology. Participants actively apply 20 exercises and leave with a complete first draft of a proposal.

Donor Mapping and Tracking (2 days)

This training course is designed to familiarize program development officers with donors, ranging from bilateral, multilateral, to corporate, philanthropy, embassy donors. The training enables participants to actively identify potential donors, both in country and otherwise, that correspond to their organization or sectors of intervention, and to actively and regularly track them. Participants develop a customized and interactive donor map and donor tracking resources.

Monitoring and Evaluation (5 days - 1 month)

This mini-course introduces project managers to monitoring and evaluation, developing customized indicators specific to organization’s projects, as well as data collection and data analysis systems, defining clear objectives and responsibilities within each for effective project planning and resource allocation. Participants develop a draft Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP).

Strategic Planning for Fundraising (4 days)

This training is designed to walk participants through an assessment of their fundraising, exploration of innovative fundraising strategies, and development of a 5 year strategy covering the following topics:

  • Case for Support
  • Assessment for Existing Fundraising Strategies and Opportunities
  • Meeting Programmatic Targets and Setting Fundraising Targets
  • Building the 5-Year Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan
  • Assessing Donor Communication Materials