We aim to design, apply and measure home-grown and technologically-based local solutions that can transform development approaches


At INTEGRATED, we believe that innovation makes a difference in addressing urgent developmental challenges, particularly when technologies and solutions cultivated in developing countries can be applied to meet these challenges. As with innovation in any sector, substantial research efforts are needed to test and refine these solutions. 

INTEGRATED works closely with our local partners to identify and rigorously test innovations that have potential for addressing social issues, generating measurable impact, and scaling up in a cost-effective way. We work in collaboration with these groups to develop inclusive innovative designs to meet public sector needs, bridge the public-private divide, and conduct proofs of concept (RCT impact evaluations) to ensure the credibility of the potential impact of the innovation. 

Recent projects include:


 Little Thinking Minds – Digital Arabic Literacy Library

INTEGRATED is a partner tasked with design of proof of concept and impact evaluation of early grade on-line leveled e-book platform to increase literacy gains of grade 2 students, piloted in 20 public schools in Jordan. INTEGRATED is leading impact evaluation to support proof of concept for scaling up, and joint project management with Little Thinking Minds.

Feed the Monster


INTEGRATED in partnership with Create Lab of New York University conducted an impact evaluation to estimate the impacts of the EduApp4Syria apps (Antura and the Letters and Feed the Monster) on children’s literacy and psychosocial well-being over time. The results of these evaluations will serve to explore areas of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and sustainability in the implementation of digital learning innovations and in the scaling of proven digital learning programs.