Research, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

We aim to support improvements in development and learning processes through evidence-based decision-making at the project, strategy and national levels

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Our research, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services create evidence-based programming and measure progress towards generating sustainable impact. With roots in program management, we understand how to design and utilize valuable research, monitoring and evaluation practices to go beyond project results to improve development outcomes of programs through learning, program design, and adaptive management. We apply the analytical, evaluative, adaptive, and communications practices required for MEL to all of our assignments, and approach all assignments with gender sensitivity, as a necessary means to development resilience. Our MEL practice areas focus on supporting donors and partners to make effective evidence-based decisions for program adaptation against intended program outcomes, and contexts:


  • Performance Evaluations
  • Theory-Based Evaluations
  • Developmental Evaluations
  • Impact Evaluations

MEL Partnerships and Platforms

  • Development of M&E frameworks
  • Theory of change development, validation, review
  • M&E plan design and implementation
  • Baseline and endline data collection and analysis
  • CLA Workshops
  • Data Visualization and Data Stories


  • Randomized control trials
  • Sector assessments
  • Closing data gaps
  • Big Data Analytics

Evaluations: INTEGRATED offers evaluation services that encompass the complete project cycle, focusing on assessing and improving relevance, effectiveness, impact, efficiency, and sustainability. Our evaluation teams assess program performance against intended design and outcomes, with a focus on validating theories of change through theory-based and utilization-focused evaluations, enabling an understanding of causality between project activities, contextual factors, and observed changes. The aim of each evaluation is to serve learning for improved project performance and beneficiary impact, based on research, evidence, and a deep understanding of local socio-political dynamics.

MEL Platforms and Partnerships: INTEGRATED offers MEL Platform support services to donors such as USAID, UNICEF and the British Council, supporting learning for evidence-based decision making in program design, sectoral strategy planning, and collaboration. Within these platforms INTEGRATED supports implementing partners in development and review of MEL frameworks, learning to support analysis and CLA, and capacity building of MEL professionals. As a MEL partner, INTEGRATED works closely with program management from the initial design phase to develop robust MEL plans that reflect theory of change causal logic, track progress towards measuring change, measuring outcomes, and continuously assessing contexts and assumptions. Our sectoral assessments and evaluation work within these platforms aim to serve the learning agendas of donors and implementing partners.

Research: Through our research, INTEGRATED aims to enhance learning and conversations about possibilities for advancing development outcomes. Our research services range from sector assessments; research to close data gaps; research using big data telecomm and social media platforms; and fully designed, implemented and presented randomized control trials. Examples of our research that has advanced learning in new areas include exploring the potential of digital game-based learning (DGBL) on learning outcomes, and psycho-social wellbeing, as well as ways in which social cohesion among Jordanian and Syrian students is defined and measured. Within women’s economic empowerment, INTEGRATED is conducting research on barriers to and factors which enable female labor force participation.

Data Visualization and Data Stories: As part of our Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA) practices, INTEGRATED believes in sharing data stories for effective communication to serve decision-making. We work closely with our partners to develop data-driven stories that clearly communicate the pathways of change to share learning among stakeholders. We specialize in developing simple animated stories that communicate information powerfully, for demonstration value, replication, and scaling decision-making.